54 thoughts on “Red Tulips

  1. Bonjour LEYLA joli bouquet de tulipes
    Je ne suis pas de tous les jours
    Mais à cet instant c’est un plaisir de te laisser un petit message
    Venant du cœur bises , Bernard

    Le temps n’est pas super bien triste chez moi
    Le ciel pleure cela ne réchauffe guère le cœur
    Il faut faire avec
    Belle journée , Bernard

  2. Joli bouquet de tulipes rouges qui symbolise la passion de l’amour dans l’unité des sentiments et l’éclat de sa splendeur.

  3. Ohh I just love Tulips and you have so many lovely photos of them. I am lucky to live close to the Netherlands which produces so many tulips (Tulips from Amsterdam :–)) and when my boyfriend comes to visit he sometimes buys some tulips for me in Amsterdam airport. I love to paint them and they often appear in my blogs.

  4. Hola Leyla. Wanted to comment the lovely words on the following post… (A nice bud) funny thing about patience, I was telling a friend who lives up north (lots of snow…) that Spring is only a few days away now. 17 exactly. Buen fin de semana.

  5. Beautiful Leyla, I am always inspired by all that you share dear sister! Your poetry arrives beautifully through your eyes and your heart, the beautiful love of life they capture! Hugs and blessings!

  6. Hi,
    thank you so much for this beautiful pictures

    I just discover your blog and I find that it’s very beautiful and with posts interessant
    I follow your publications and I invite you to visit my blog: https://femmeetinfos.wordpress.com and follow mine too
    Waiting for you
    Best regards

  7. Sono davvero splendide le variegate immagini che posti sul tuo blog
    Buon venerdì e un abbraccio, Leyla,silvia


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