122 thoughts on “Selfie

  1. ha, I canΒ΄t figure out if that face is of surprise, fear, happy,or the dog is just like that. Cute fella, tiny one, you can probably stick him inside the purse and take him everywhere.

  2. That pup looks like he/she’s critically appraising your sartorial display….😳😎😸my Jack Russell does the sameπŸ™€πŸ˜–πŸ˜‘

  3. Like a true actor she has gone for the blend of feelings rather than the straight single emotion. She’s certainly ready for her close-up Mr DeMille!

  4. Hi Leyla,
    hahaha! It seems that the dog be wondering that his master has gone mad with the camera. I also take this opportunity to congratulate this year we have already started to bring us congratulations to all.

  5. Fayetteville Mall, September 5, 2002

    In the shade across from the Wake County Courthouse
    An entire row of folks wait. They wait anticipating
    The crown-stripped Miss North Carolina, and others.
    “Mary,” who carries a baseball bat, handcuffs, and
    Thirty bracelets, watches as the Capital’s finest walk
    The worn out bricks of Fayetteville Street Mall.
    The thick stench of racism pollutes beautiful fall air.
    Sympathetic eyes search for compassion as workers
    Dismantle metal scaffolding, a job well done. Lily pads
    Float, bald-headed briefcase toter huffs and puffs up nine
    Stairs. Sturdy capitalists go by: easy targets. Unaware.
    A local high princess displays her hair seriously. Orange
    Outfits mix with cell phones, coffee and power lunches.
    No rich people come out of the court losers, but many
    Weeping wives head back to Person Street frustrated
    By a system gone awry. They too are easy targets.

  6. Bonsoir LEYLA

    Mais que fais-je par ici
    Me serais-je perdu
    Mais non Γ§a y est je me rappelle
    Je venais te dire bonsoir
    Te souhaiter une belle soirΓ©e
    Après une petite halte chez toi
    Je vais continuer mon trajet
    Je te fais une bise d’amitiΓ©

  7. You know, my lady, that I look more and more like you? Shame that we are so far apart.
    Bye bye beautiful girl.
    many Kisses

    Ninni, Journalist in Bologna, Italy

  8. Un favoloso primo piano d’un simpaticisssimo quadrupede….
    Un abbraccio, Leyla,silvia

  9. Haha! Such an awesome capture. Ah, I love dogs. They have the best, most hilarious expressions (I have so many photos of my dog and it’s only 18 months old!)


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