89 thoughts on “12.8.15

  1. Sabes a quΓ© me recuerda la 2Βͺ foto? A la pelΓ­cula de Harry Potter πŸ™‚ Muy
    bonita foto aprovechando los caprichos atmosfΓ©ricos, Leyla. Abrazos!

  2. My mind easily takes a ride on a natural high whenever you share your images Leyla, I love clouds and these are remarkable to me…its like you took then just for me. Beautiful! Thanks for making my evening!

  3. Awesome photos! Everything – the blue sky, clouds, the golden light from the sunset – looks so good.

  4. splendid wishes fer a prosperous new years 2 U frum da’ Q . 😎 take care….. πŸ™‚
    those that lewk up see tha beautiful skies πŸ™‚ keep on lewkin up πŸ™‚ yep yep ……..

  5. Wonderment #1

    Water rushes, tickling feet with sand.
    Gilgamesh relaxes by the sea.
    Purple Echinacea sends a cone into rain.
    Chopin laughs and strokes his polonaise.
    A beetle digs the desert, over oil.
    Chang Sung-Up daubs a mystery in ink.

    Water trickles down a granite wall.
    Lao-Tzu hikes through summer’s offerings.
    Yellow lilies waver in the wind.
    Tasman lacquers the last board of his keel.
    Crystals mingle with Icelandic ash.
    Lodi licks his chops, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

    Water batters barns from red to gray.
    Burck paints Frida as Leipzig hums along.
    Canandaigua feels the White Snake’s breath.
    Handsome Lake enjoys a drive-in movie.
    Sesame rice lands in a wooden bowl.
    Africa snaps a twig and starts to think.

  6. Hiya Leyla >> Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your photos are awesome so I’m glad to have you on my followed sites feed. Looking forward to having a good nose around your site. Be lucky > Andy

  7. I don’t know where you’re located β€” but it looks like those same clouds showed up here in south-east North Carolina yesterday, and todayβ€” nice captures.


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