104 thoughts on “December’15

  1. Un collage di splendide foto, per dare colore al gelo d’inverno….
    Felice sera dolce Leyla, silvia

  2. ร‡iรงekleri รงok severim. hepsi birbirinden gรผzel. YรผreฤŸinize saฤŸlฤฑk Leyla Hanฤฑm

  3. Hermosos mosaicos de color, Leyla. Perfecto equilibrio entre todas y cada una de las imรกgenes.

    Un abrazo.

  4. Leyla, beautiful collage and beautiful photography! Thank you for visiting my blog and fire your kind likes. Have a blessed Christmas! Robin

  5. beautiful pics

    I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so glad I got to discover you โค

  6. Christmas love
    spreads joyfully to
    friends, new and old, as
    natural as mountain streams
    flow under

    ice and snow
    still moving, to join.
    comes from sharing a
    round table. Buddha

    Jesus, Confucius,
    Abraham, Gandhi
    and Luther invite a pope
    to break bread

    under one God
    that all pray to here
    in Gwangju,
    there in Amsterdam,
    and Davao, where the

    hunt for food
    and water reverts to old
    ways, not the
    usual Christmas,
    but children scramble

    for goodies
    like coconuts, fruit, rare meat
    while we feast
    on turkey, baked so
    well, spring rolls folded

    and rolled by
    hands so delicate you canโ€™t
    what theyโ€™ve done. Merry
    Christmas everyone.

  7. Hargraves Blues

    No obstacles in the physical realm can stop the
    Flow of fix or ruin. One bicyclist, content to move
    In limited space, dodges traffic, kicks her stand
    And heads in to read. She gets paid to read, not many do.

    No life is long enough to support all the relationships
    We build: kids to cats, Moms to cleaning, teacher-student,
    Boss to worker. One walker strides down Rosemary Street,
    Pulls his hat over his ears, holds palms open, seeking change.

    No gesture, however insignificant, goes unseen
    In a town full of women. Drivers bounce from one plan
    To another, running reds. Phone calls, calendar notes and
    Breakfast fill seconds between lane changes, defying death.

    No effort, regardless of intention, can sew a revolution
    Without mass appeal. Two men shrug, walking into shade.
    Nothing for them to do but drink and smoke and go to sleep.
    The truth is here to see but no one’s looking anymore.

    No wind, even from Saskatchewan, can clean us now.
    Some loudmouth stumbles in offering to teach, but
    None will have it. A rider, bussing there and back for free,
    Takes comfort when a man stands to offer her a seat.

    No sandwich, ever so scrumptious, lingers past initial taste.
    Sun shines on a bouncing orb. Four for four, he’s another
    Wizard with his hands. He does not get paid to shoot a ball.
    His hand-to-eye skills have no value in this part of the world.

  8. Liebe Leyla einen schรถnen Sonntag wรผnsche ich dir und einen sonnigen Start in die neue Woche Klaus in Freundschafthttps://gageier.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/roseglitterdivider_thumb.gif?w=450&h=104


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