122 thoughts on “Jellyfish

  1. Wow! What a great capture! My dad and I saw a jellyfish in his canal while we were sitting on his dock, but neither of us could get great pictures. I love yours!

  2. Fantรกsticas fotografรญas nos regalas, eres una gran artista. Hacรญa dรญas que no entraba y como siempre me llenas de belleza con tus creaciones.

  3. What spirit
    arose, delivered
    this angel
    to reach down, pull me
    out from depths

    avoided? What can
    I do to spruce up
    your life? Your
    unwitting guidance polished

    by love smile:
    recipient sings.
    Your halo,
    pulls out this beating
    heart, offers

    it, by hand
    and outstretched arm. You,
    dressed so well, humble
    by nature
    shy, receive eternal love.

    to you, with love, compassion,
    creates new
    human experience.

    erupts when we arrive at
    love, laughing
    in relief, in awe:
    love perfects itself.

  4. Have just liked so many of your photos that my fingers risk to get sore… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Was away from blogging for a while and am catching up. The photos on your blog really speak of beauty, of course all the flowers, but also the elephant and this one, which I return to now. Good to see your work again!


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