44 thoughts on “JULY: two full moons in one month

  1. Y siempre superará su luz y belleza a nuestros pobres intentos artificiales. La Luna es de los soñadores y los enamorados. 🙂 Un abrazo, Leyla y ¡feliz fin de semana!

  2. I like how natural this shot looks. The dim light of the moon adds something haunting to the photo. Nice work, Leyla. 🌝

  3. I’ve seen a full moon too 4 days ago. It was so romantic when we could saw this beautiful view with someone special 😀

  4. My friend thanks for your visit in my blog, have a good week with love in your
    life, a big hug and kiss from Herluf.

  5. Afecta a mi forma de hacer, de pensar … mejor mis estímulos.
    Bonita imagen … singular.

  6. Dear leylagarza, Please allow me to have the honor of nominating you for The Sunshine Award!

  7. …and just last night we watched a (semi-old) movie, ‘John Carter of Mars’ on Barsoom you would have had to have said, ‘4 full moon in one month’

  8. You have ma’am shown everything through darkness. So artistically wonderful. God destined indeed.

  9. Uno sfondo scuro per un sogno di luna….
    Buon martedì Leyla,silvia

  10. Splendide foto da vedere e rivedere
    Buon mercoledì, cara, silvia

  11. White+black =indestructible

    Pure White may not suit everyone all the time,
    And also
    Pure Black may not suit everyone all the time,
    Be that mixed combo,
    Be that photocopy,
    The world is yours.
    -saalai kamalathaai.
    This is what I meant…your picture defines my words …
    Picture perfect:)


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