122 thoughts on “Easter lily

  1. Belles sont ces fleurs, Γ  la bouche ouverte, aux pΓ©tales Γ©clatantes et odorantes. De par leur beautΓ© saisissante, elles nous offrent gratuitement le destin de leur parfum dans l’intime complicitΓ© de la nature naissante et resplendissante du printemps..

  2. Found your site by accident this morning… So glad I did… Such beautiful artistry… Thanks for sharing it with us and thank you for brightening my morning.
    Hope your day is as beautiful as your artistry.

  3. Such fantastic photos and subjects. I love them. Just spent a wonderful few minutes looking at more of them here. Gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks also for visiting my author blog, though my photos are not in your league. I love taking them however, and use them for visual notes for my writing. Have a fab week, looking forward to investigating further. πŸ™‚


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