54 thoughts on “Yellow Hibiscus Flower

  1. Bel hibiscus épanoui à la lumière du printemps ensoleillé, ses pétales jaunes, au fond du calice rouge d’où se dresse son style élégant, au sommet irisé, est la meilleure manifestation de sa beauté naturelle.
    Leyla, votre choix, a le mérite de l’excellence.

  2. What can I possibly say? It’s been said already..
    Thank you for sharing beauty 🙂

  3. Your macros are great! Nice colors in this one. Meymind is weird though, the stalk rising from the flower reminds me of a birds eye view of a cell phone tower. Been on Google Earth too much i guess. You must have a fabulous lens on your camera!

  4. No sé cómo lo haces, pero siempre encuentras la forma de traernos algo nuevo con los mismos materiales. Ese primer plano de los pistilos y la flor, detrás, fundiéndose poco a poco en las sombras me pareció estupenda.


  5. Oh, my dear friend Leyla, the way you got the tip in focus and the body muted is marvelous! Great work. Beautiful photo.

  6. Wow! What an amazing pic! Leyla, you are one talented gal with the camera! Keep up the fabulous work. PS Love the new look of your site, very innovative and eye-catching. 🙂

  7. Sfumature incredibili in questo primo piano d’ibiscus…
    Buongiorno Leyla,silvia


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