41 thoughts on “Azul

  1. My grandmother had this flower near the water fountain, transforming everything into such a splendid portal to another world of bliss. You (all) need eyes to open worlds, like you (Leyla) yourself has 🙂

  2. Hola mis Melómana, bipolares, esquizofrénica Y ademas.
    Cómo estás?
    Hermosas flores gracias a un buen fotógrafo que eres
    (Un sospechoso: No es que usted tiene una cámara hermosa que hace todo el trabajo por ti?).
    Beso y hola.
    da Bologna, Italy


  3. Beautiful Pictures, thank you very much Leyla….💗💗💗

  4. More Beauty. I like that you Liked Zoomanity, and I cherish how much you like the other ones too. But especially Zoomanity because that one is not easy, and nor is it for “everyone.” I like you taste. I ended a 288 page book with this one one time.

  5. Sfumature di cielo, in questi splendidi fiori, che hai ripreso in modo eccellente col tuo obiettivo
    Buona domenica e un saluto, Leyla,silvia


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