happy easter


No encontre un pinche conejo para fotografiar, por aquello del domingo .. pero me encontre una Tortuga y tienen caparazon (cascaron como los huevos de la coneja).. es lo mismo No?? bueno, es cuestion de un chingo de imaginacion πŸ™‚

Felices Pascuas…

PS:: Abusados con los Huevos πŸ˜›






20 thoughts on “happy easter

  1. Wonderful photos! I like the idea of an easter turtle. I never cared for egg laying bunnies β€” or do bunnies only steal eggs and hide them?

    I prepare eggs and fruit for our parrots every morning. I was thinking about hiding the eggs and making the parrots find them on Sunday morning. What do you think?

    Happy Easter!

    • I wonder how the parrots would think of that! Hahaha πŸ˜€ Happy Easter to you too, Timothy!

  2. Hi Leyla,
    happy Easter to you too. Here in Spain the Holy Week processions are amazing and I invite you to know if you have the chance to travel here.
    By the way … some great photos.
    A greeting.

    • Someday I’ll Be There!!! Happy Easter to you Francisco, and Thank you dear, kisses

  3. Hablas igualito que mi hermana lol! Felices pascuas 😘

  4. Claro! Los pinches conejos corren y se esconden! Especialmente en Pascuas! πŸ™‚


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