Soy feliz


“- Soy feliz. Jamás me he sentido tan bien, ¿y tu?
– ¿Yo? – Step la abraza con fuerza-. Estoy de maravilla.
– ¿Hasta el punto de llegar a tocar el cielo con un dedo?
– No, así no.
– ¿Ah, no?
– Mucho más. Al menos tres metros sobre el cielo.”

~Federico Moccia


9 thoughts on “Soy feliz

  1. Leyla,
    Beautiful name and also a great song about a beautiful woman. You have classic Spanish Features. Very feminine but strong and your blog is flowers, colors and love! No wonder I see so many men flocking to your site. A loving and beautiful Spanish Woman is very attractive indeed. It also means you are going to have a fantastic future because that is what happens to beautiful loving Spanish Women and that means you.
    I noticed your glasses were off today and I thought I would stop by and did…. Take Care, claudy

    • Felicidades por tu precio!! y gracias mil por la mencion, abrazos de fin de semana


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