In Memoriam of a Great Blogger and a Beautiful Man

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In Memoriam of Ajaytao.2




Something borrowed from Lyrics, Sentiments and Me




In less than a month from now, Lyrics, Sentiments and Me is about to celebrate my blog’s second year anniversary. Of course, I am fulfilled. Because blogging makes me a better person. For now, more than ever: I highly recognize and respect the humongous, yet profound diversity among us. Above all, through blogging I have known and made friends with good people–you, fine human beings, who are making this journey worthwhile–thank you very much!

I first learned this epiphany in 2012, when I lost my four-year-old blog here, at WordPress (Writing and Me), and due to a non-blogging stalker. However, my anthropology class (last Spring) nailed this awakening. Nevertheless, I truly thank God for my blogs; and, I profoundly thank HIM for all of you as well.

But please allow me to address this…

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